Earthquake 2001

Last update: 12/21/2014

I’ve felt a couple of small earthquakes in my life, but Feb. 28, 2001 was a real doozy!! After all the “expert” analysis, they rated it a 6.8, with the epicenter about 3 miles SW of our house and 31 miles deep. Fortunately, it was so deep, otherwise it would surely have been much more severe and tragic.

The natural question is “Where were you?”  I was working at a client’s office about 14 miles north of here. The shaking got my attention real quickly, and I sat at my desk expecting it to stop after a few seconds. It became obvious that instead of quitting, it was intensifying, so I ran out the front door into an open parking lot until it stopped. The main things I noticed were the swaying of the streetlights and the birds all in flight, making a lot of noise.

Leonor was in her car, driving slowly, and didn’t feel it at all. Many people driving faster felt they had flat tires or engine trouble.

Our house didn’t sustain any damage, but as you can see by the photos, we did have a lot of pictures fall from the walls, food fell in the pantry, and my office was a terrible mess. Luckily, my printer and scanner (visible on the floor) still work just fine. The TV set in our bedroom suffered a cracked, broken case, but still works.

 Quake photos